Land Bank Mission

Land Bank Mission webmaster Tue, 01/17/2017 - 17:37

Mission of the Cattaraugus County Land Bank Corporation is to restore and build value in the community by returning underutilized properties to dynamic and productive use, preserving and creating quality housing, enhancing the quality of life within neighborhoods, and encouraging private sector investment in cooperation with stakeholders who value responsible land ownership.

Date Adopted: 8/10/2016

List of Performance Goals (If additional space is needed, please attach):

  • Confronting and alleviating the problems caused by vacant, abandoned, tax-delinquent, and tax foreclosed properties in Cattaraugus County

  • Lessening the burden on the local government within the county by strategically acquiring, developing, improving, assembling, and selling distressed, vacant, abandoned and/or tax delinquent properties, which will

    • Return improved properties to the tax roll and productive use

    • Increase home ownership and affordable housing opportunities

  • Combating community deterioration and urban decay caused by vacant, abandoned, tax-delinquent, and tax foreclosed properties by taking remedial action to eliminate the physical, economic, and social causes of such deterioration

  • Controlling and modestly improving promising properties to attract reputable buyers committed to investing time and resources in improving them

  • Securing and holding properties that may address a future community need

  • Collaborating with the private sector, municipalities, and housing provider agencies to improve structures for viable end use and remove derelict structures that do not meet community need

  • Leveraging internal assets with external resources to effect change

  • Planning and implementing programs, projects and activities designed to create or stimulate economic and community development

  • Supporting municipal and regional development efforts

Additional questions:

  1. Have the board members acknowledged that they have read and understood the mission of the public authority?
  2. Who has the power to appoint the management of the public authority?
    Not applicable. Staff to the public authority is provided by Cattaraugus County.
  3. If the Board appoints management, do you have a policy you follow when appointing the management of the public authority?
    Not applicable.
  4. Briefly describe the role of the Board and the role of management in the implementation of the mission.
    The board will oversee implementation of the mission as adopted.