The Cattaraugus County Land Bank Corporation was started in 2016 (on paper).

The primary purpose of the Cattaraugus County Land Bank is to return vacant, abandoned, underutilized, and tax-delinquent properties to productive use in ways that support the community’s long-range vision for its future.

We do this by acquiring these properties, stabilizing them, selling them to responsible buyers for redevelopment, and by assembling and land banking projects for long-range redevelopment plans.  Responsible, well-planned redevelopment of these properties will increase surrounding property values, improve quality of life for surrounding residents, and stabilize the tax base making it easier for local governments to provide essential services. Ensuring that properties are redeveloped by qualified developers, with adequate plans, and for purposes that benefit the surrounding community will work to reverse the decline of property values in blighted areas.

The Cattaraugus County Land Bank Corporation is an independent nonprofit and a local public authority created by the County of Cattaraugus. It is governed by a board of directors appointed by the County.