Request for Proposals: Asbestos Abatement and Demolition Services


RFP ID: Demo 8.0 2022

Date Issue: August 25, 2022

Due: September 9, 2022 at 2:00pm

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that submissions will be received by the Cattaraugus County Land Bank Corporation (the “Land Bank”) to provide Asbestos Abatement Services and demolition. This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is a competitive process designed to serve the Land Bank’s best interests and to provide firms a fair opportunity for consideration of their services. The request is open to all qualified Contractors able to deliver all requirements specified in this RFP. Proposals should address the proposal requirements for the services. All proposals will be treated as confidential and reviewed only by the Land Bank. Proposals must be received at the Land Bank offices located at 303 Court Street, Little Valley NY 14755 no later than 2:00pm on the date and time listed in the header of this RFP.

Respondents who submit printed proposals shall submit them contained in a sealed envelope, clearly marked “Land Bank - PROPOSAL FOR Asbestos Abatement and Demolition Services”. Email proposals are acceptable, but the Land Bank will not be responsible if the email is not received before the date and time indicated at the header of this RFP. The Land Bank will also not be responsible for any issues associated with email (Ex: bounce backs, files that are too large, etc.) if the contractor submits via email. It is the contractor’s sole responsibility to confirm that proposals have been submitted by the deadline.

Background Information

The Cattaraugus County Land Bank Corporation’s (“Land Bank”) mission is to end blight and the devastating effects it has on our communities, and begin to reverse the damage already done. The Land Bank is charged with streamlining and facilitating the processes by which vacant, abandoned, and underutilized properties can be returned to productive use. The Land Bank owns a variety of properties including both vacant and improved lots.

The Land Bank is currently looking for bids to abate and demolish the following properties:

  • 41 Fist Avenue Franklinville
  • 181 S. Main Portville
  • 701 Irving Street Olean
  • 1496 Flannigan Hill Rd Hinsdale
  • 1657 Seneca Avenue Olean

Please refer to asbestos reports prepared by Neeson Clark in the RFP bid packet below.

Download the RFP Bid Packet

RFP can be downloaded at: